Tech in the Classroom

ipadin-classroomI’m a big fan of using technology for educational purposes – but I ran across this blog post
today and I think it points out some great questions to ask ourselves when we start to use technology in our classrooms. Tech is great, but sometimes the cost can outweigh the benefits if the tech isn’t really the right fit.

Questions to ask when trying a new tool:

  1. Why am I using this?
  2. What will the students learn through this activity/tool?
  3. What value is added by including the use of this tool?
  4. How does my pedagogy need to change in order to effectively incorporate this tool?
  5. Is the time spent incorporating this tool worth it?
  6. Do I understand this tool? How long will it take for my students to learn it?
  7. Who will benefit from the use of this tool?
  8. What will I do if this tool doesn’t work?


Carefully considering the answers to each of these questions can ensure that the classroom remains focused on creating the best educational experience for each student, rather than on immediately implementing every new educational technology on the market.


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